CI/CD built into Bitbucket

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) is set of operating principles and practices that enable development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably.

In case of Salesforce development it is really make a lot of sense when you have at least 2 developers, but can be helpful even for single dev!

Just imagine: you as developer(or customer) wants to deploy some recent changes to multiple orgs at same time. How you can do this?

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How to configure Apache Ant Migration Tool.

In this article we will configure your machine and your project to use Apache Ant.
We will check, install and configure Java, Ant tools. Then write deployment scripts and configure project to use them.
And at the end we will try it out!

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Salesforce Queueable Interface Technique

Hey, folks. We want to share with you a very elegant and powerful way to work with a queueable interface in Salesforce. The business case we had – is a complicated sales flow that required a lot of processing time and heavy support from the in-house team. The business wanted to automate the entire flow to get better user experience, reduce human interaction, and speed up the process.

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